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Inherits from:


Nil : T


GetType() : Gtk.GObject.Type.T


:Foreach(self @ T, func @ Std.Function.T, data @ Std.Address.T) : Std.Object.T

Iterates through all the fonts in a fontset, calling func for each one. If func returns TRUE, that stops the iteration.

fontset a T
func Callback function. [closure data][scope call]
data data to pass to the callback function. [closure]

:GetFont(self @ T, wc @ Std.Integer.SmallT) : Gtk.Pango.Font.T

Returns the font in the fontset that contains the best glyph for the Unicode character wc.

fontset a T
wc a Unicode character
Returns a Gtk.Pango.Font.T. The caller must call g_object_unref when finished with the font. [transfer full]

:GetMetrics(self @ T) : Gtk.Pango.FontMetrics.T

Get overall metric information for the fonts in the fontset.

fontset a T
Returns a Gtk.Pango.FontMetrics.T object. The caller must call Gtk.Pango.FontMetrics.Unref when finished using the object.