W Wrapl, The Programming Language


01th Jun 2014

Finally, an update!
  • Wrapl has been updated with numerous new bindings and several enhancements to the language itself.

08th Oct 2011

  • Updated the website (see footer for template information).

30th May 2010

  • Added various new methods and modules.
  • Updated the Windows port.

25th Feb 2010

  • Finally uploaded the updated website to Sourceforge.
  • Released version 1.7 of Wrapl, with numerous improvements and bug fixes.

15th Dec 2009

  • Text sections in *.riva files are now relocated when first used. This prevents loading modules referred to by methods which are never invoked. Added the option -nodelay to riva to use the original behaviour.

30th Nov 2009

  • Changed the versioning scheme for Wrapl releases. Releases are now named major.minor.revision where revision is the svn revision.
  • The Gtk bindings have been updated to support threaded GTK+ applications.
  • The editor has received a lot of work.

27th Aug 2009

Version 1.2.7 has been released.
  • The interactive interpreter now intercepts Ctrl+C to break out of loops.
  • The Wrapl loader now understands unicode replacements for some keywords/tokens.
    Keyword/TokenUnicode EquivalentShortcut
  • A basic source editor has been written in Wrapl using the GTK+ bindings. It includes syntax highlighting (using GtkSourceview), autocompletion and automatic conversion of certain character sequences into unicode.
  • The semantics of a conditional expression without a success clause has been changed.

23th May 2008

Switched to a new web layout, using static html pages generated by Wrapl scripts.