W Wrapl, The Programming Language



Wrapl is a high level, dynamically typed interpreted programming language.


  • Object-oriented: Every value in Wrapl is an object with a type which is known at runtime. The types form a hierarchy with multiple inheritence.
  • Multiple-dispatch: Method dispatch in Wrapl depend on the types and values of all of their arguments.
  • Pass-by-reference: Wrapl allows variables to be passed by reference to other functions.
  • Functional closures: Functions in Wrapl are first-class objects which may passed to other functions or stored in variables. Functions can both read and write variables declared in surrounding scopes.
  • Goal-directed: Every expression in Wrapl can produce 0, 1, or more values. An expression which can produce more than 1 value may be resumed to produce its next value.

For some sample Wrapl code, check out the samples page.



For any questions or comments regarding Wrapl, you can use the mailing list or send an email me directly at rajamukherji AT gmail.com.

You can visit the project website here