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Inherits from:


Nil : T


GetType() : Gtk.GObject.Type.T


:GetName(self @ T) : Std.String.T

Gets the name of the family. The name is unique among all fonts for the font backend and can be used in a Gtk.Pango.FontDescription.T to specify that a face from this family is desired.

family a T
Returns the name of the family. This string is owned by the family object and must not be modified or freed.

:IsMonospace(self @ T) : Std.Symbol.T

A monospace font is a font designed for text display where the the characters form a regular grid. For Western languages this would mean that the advance width of all characters are the same, but this categorization also includes Asian fonts which include double-width characters: characters that occupy two grid cells. Gtk.Glib.GUnicode.UnicharIswide returns a result that indicates whether a character is typically double-width in a monospace font.

The best way to find out the grid-cell size is to call Gtk.Pango.FontMetrics.GetApproximateDigitWidth, since the results of Gtk.Pango.FontMetrics.GetApproximateCharWidth may be affected by double-width characters.

family a T
Returns TRUE if the family is monospace.

:ListFaces(self @ T, faces @ Std.Object.T, n_faces @ Std.Object.T) : Std.Object.T

Lists the different font faces that make up family. The faces in a family share a common design, but differ in slant, weight, width and other aspects.

family a T
faces location to store an array of pointers to Gtk.Pango.FontFace.T objects, or NULL. This array should be freed with g_free() when it is no longer needed. [out][allow-none][array length=n_faces]
n_faces location to store number of elements in faces. [out]