W Wrapl, The Programming Language





Nil : T


:"="(_ @ T, _ @ T)

:Copy(self @ T) : Gtk.Pango.Attribute.T

Make a copy of an attribute.

attr a T
Returns the newly allocated T, which should be freed with Destroy.

:Destroy(self @ T) : Std.Object.T

Destroy a T and free all associated memory.

attr a T.

:EndIndex(self @ T) : Std.Integer.SmallT

:Equal(self @ T, attr2 @ Gtk.Pango.Attribute.T) : Std.Symbol.T

Compare two attributes for equality. This compares only the actual value of the two attributes and not the ranges that the attributes apply to.

attr1 a T
attr2 another T
Returns TRUE if the two attributes have the same value.

:Init(self @ T, klass @ Gtk.Pango.AttrClass.T) : Std.Object.T

Initializes attr's klass to klass, it's start_index to PANGO_ATTR_INDEX_FROM_TEXT_BEGINNING and end_index to PANGO_ATTR_INDEX_TO_TEXT_END such that the attribute applies to the entire text by default.

attr a T
klass a PangoAttributeClass

:Klass(self @ T) : Gtk.Pango.AttrClass.T

:StartIndex(self @ T) : Std.Integer.SmallT

:setEndIndex(self @ T, value @ Std.Integer.SmallT) : Std.Integer.SmallT

:setKlass(self @ T, value @ Gtk.Pango.AttrClass.T) : Gtk.Pango.AttrClass.T

:setStartIndex(self @ T, value @ Std.Integer.SmallT) : Std.Integer.SmallT

:"~="(_ @ T, _ @ T)