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The T widget is used to allow the user to select a value using a vertical slider. To create one, use gtk_hscale_new_with_range().

The position to show the current value, and the number of decimal places shown can be set using the parent Gtk.Gtk.Scale.T class's functions.


Nil : T


GetType() : Gtk.GObject.Type.T

New(adjustment @ Gtk.Gtk.Adjustment.T) : Gtk.Gtk.VScale.T

Creates a new T.

adjustment the Gtk.Gtk.Adjustment.T which sets the range of the scale.
Returns a new T.

NewWithRange(min @ Std.Real.T, max @ Std.Real.T, step @ Std.Real.T) : Gtk.Gtk.VScale.T

Creates a new vertical scale widget that lets the user input a number between min and max (including min and max) with the increment step. step must be nonzero; it's the distance the slider moves when using the arrow keys to adjust the scale value.

Note that the way in which the precision is derived works best if step is a power of ten. If the resulting precision is not suitable for your needs, use Gtk.Gtk.Scale.SetDigits to correct it.

min minimum value
max maximum value
step step increment (tick size) used with keyboard shortcuts
Returns a new T