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A T is a Gtk.Gtk.ToolItem.T that contains a toggle button.

Use gtk_toggle_tool_button_new() to create a new T. Use gtk_toggle_tool_button_new_from_stock() to create a new T containing a stock item.


Nil : T


GetType() : Gtk.GObject.Type.T

New() : Gtk.Gtk.ToggleToolButton.T

Returns a new T

Returns a newly created T

NewFromStock(stock_id @ Std.String.T) : Gtk.Gtk.ToggleToolButton.T

Creates a new T containing the image and text from a stock item. Some stock ids have preprocessor macros like GTK_STOCK_OK and GTK_STOCK_APPLY.

It is an error if stock_id is not a name of a stock item.

stock_id the name of the stock item
Returns A new T


:GetActive(self @ T) : Std.Symbol.T

Queries a T and returns its current state. Returns TRUE if the toggle button is pressed in and FALSE if it is raised.

button a T
Returns TRUE if the toggle tool button is pressed in, FALSE if not

:SetActive(self @ T, is_active @ Std.Symbol.T) : Std.Object.T

Sets the status of the toggle tool button. Set to TRUE if you want the GtkToggleButton to be 'pressed in', and FALSE to raise it. This action causes the toggled signal to be emitted.

button a T
is_active whether button should be active