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A T renders a given text in its cell, using the font, color and style information provided by its properties. The text will be ellipsized if it is too long and the ellipsize property allows it.

If the mode is Gtk.Gtk.CellRendererMode.Editable, the T allows to edit its text using an entry.


Nil : T


GetType() : Gtk.GObject.Type.T

New() : Gtk.Gtk.CellRendererText.T

Creates a new T. Adjust how text is drawn using object properties. Object properties can be set globally (with g_object_set()). Also, with Gtk.Gtk.TreeViewColumn.T, you can bind a property to a value in a Gtk.Gtk.TreeModel.T. For example, you can bind the "text" property on the cell renderer to a string value in the model, thus rendering a different string in each row of the Gtk.Gtk.TreeView.T

Returns the new cell renderer


:SetFixedHeightFromFont(self @ T, number_of_rows @ Std.Integer.SmallT) : Std.Object.T

Sets the height of a renderer to explicitly be determined by the "font" and "y_pad" property set on it. Further changes in these properties do not affect the height, so they must be accompanied by a subsequent call to this function. Using this function is unflexible, and should really only be used if calculating the size of a cell is too slow (ie, a massive number of cells displayed). If number_of_rows is -1, then the fixed height is unset, and the height is determined by the properties again.

renderer A T
number_of_rows Number of rows of text each cell renderer is allocated, or -1