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A T can be used to render an image in a cell. It allows to render either a given Gtk.Gdk.Pixbuf.T (set via the pixbuf property) or a stock icon (set via the stock-id property).

To support the tree view, T also supports rendering two alternative pixbufs, when the is-expander property is TRUE. If the is-expanded property is TRUE and the pixbuf-expander-open property is set to a pixbuf, it renders that pixbuf, if the is-expanded property is FALSE and the pixbuf-expander-closed property is set to a pixbuf, it renders that one.


Nil : T


GetType() : Gtk.GObject.Type.T

New() : Gtk.Gtk.CellRendererPixbuf.T

Creates a new T. Adjust rendering parameters using object properties. Object properties can be set globally (with g_object_set()). Also, with Gtk.Gtk.TreeViewColumn.T, you can bind a property to a value in a Gtk.Gtk.TreeModel.T. For example, you can bind the "pixbuf" property on the cell renderer to a pixbuf value in the model, thus rendering a different image in each row of the Gtk.Gtk.TreeView.T.

Returns the new cell renderer