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Nil : T


ToDrawable(window @ Gtk.Gdk.Window.T, drawable @ Gtk.Gdk.Drawable.T, src_x @ Std.Integer.SmallT, src_y @ Std.Integer.SmallT, dest_x @ Std.Integer.SmallT, dest_y @ Std.Integer.SmallT, width @ Std.Integer.SmallT, height @ Std.Integer.SmallT) : Std.Object.T

Redirects drawing into window so that drawing to the window in the rectangle specified by src_x, src_y, width and height is also drawn into drawable at dest_x, dest_y.

Only drawing between Gtk.Gdk.Window.BeginPaintRegion or Gtk.Gdk.Window.BeginPaintRect and Gtk.Gdk.Window.EndPaint is redirected.

Redirection is active until Gtk.Gdk.Window.RemoveRedirection is called.

window a Gtk.Gdk.Window.T
drawable a Gtk.Gdk.Drawable.T
src_x x position in window
src_y y position in window
dest_x x position in drawable
dest_y y position in drawable
width width of redirection, or -1 to use the width of window
height height of redirection or -1 to use the height of window


:"="(_ @ T, _ @ T)

:"~="(_ @ T, _ @ T)