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An AtkRelation describes a relation between an object and one or more other objects. The actual relations that an object has with other objects are defined as an AtkRelationSet, which is a set of AtkRelations.


Nil : T


GetType() : Gtk.GObject.Type.T

New(targets @ Std.Object.T, n_targets @ Std.Integer.SmallT, relationship @ Gtk.Atk.RelationType.T) : Gtk.Atk.Relation.T

Create a new relation for the specified key and the specified list of targets. See also Gtk.Atk.Object.AddRelationship.

targets an array of pointers to AtkObjects
n_targets number of AtkObjects pointed to by targets
relationship an Gtk.Atk.RelationType.T with which to create the new T
Returns a pointer to a new T

TypeForName(name @ Std.String.T) : Gtk.Atk.RelationType.T

Get the Gtk.Atk.RelationType.T type corresponding to a relation name.

name a string which is the (non-localized) name of an ATK relation type.
Returns the Gtk.Atk.RelationType.T enumerated type corresponding to the specified name, or Gtk.Atk.RelationType.Null if no matching relation type is found.

TypeGetName(type @ Gtk.Atk.RelationType.T) : Std.String.T

Gets the description string describing the Gtk.Atk.RelationType.T type.

type The Gtk.Atk.RelationType.T whose name is required
Returns the string describing the AtkRelationType

TypeRegister(name @ Std.String.T) : Gtk.Atk.RelationType.T

Associate name with a new Gtk.Atk.RelationType.T

name a name string
Returns an Gtk.Atk.RelationType.T associated with name


:AddTarget(self @ T, target @ Gtk.Atk.Object.T) : Std.Object.T

Adds the specified AtkObject to the target for the relation, if it is not already present. See also Gtk.Atk.Object.AddRelationship.

relation an T
target an Gtk.Atk.Object.T

:GetRelationType(self @ T) : Gtk.Atk.RelationType.T

Gets the type of relation

relation an T
Returns the type of relation

:GetTarget(self @ T) : Gtk.Glib.GPtrArray.T

Gets the target list of relation

relation an T
Returns the target list of relation. [transfer none]

:Relationship(self @ T) : Gtk.Atk.RelationType.T

:RemoveTarget(self @ T, target @ Gtk.Atk.Object.T) : Std.Symbol.T

Remove the specified AtkObject from the target for the relation.

relation an T
target an Gtk.Atk.Object.T
Returns TRUE if the removal is successful.

:Target(self @ T) : Gtk.Glib.GPtrArray.T

:setRelationship(self @ T, value @ Gtk.Atk.RelationType.T) : Gtk.Atk.RelationType.T

:setTarget(self @ T, value @ Gtk.Glib.GPtrArray.T) : Gtk.Glib.GPtrArray.T