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A T is a simple subclass of Gtk.Gio.GSocketService.T that handles incoming connections by creating a worker thread and dispatching the connection to it by emitting the "run" signal in the new thread.

The signal handler may perform blocking IO and need not return until the connection is closed.

The service is implemented using a thread pool, so there is a limited amount of threads available to serve incoming requests. The service automatically stops the Gtk.Gio.GSocketService.T from accepting new connections when all threads are busy.

As with Gtk.Gio.GSocketService.T, you may connect to "run", or subclass and override the default handler.


Nil : T


GetType() : Gtk.GObject.Type.T

New(max_threads @ Std.Integer.SmallT) : Gtk.Gio.GThreadedSocketService.T

Creates a new T with no listeners. Listeners must be added with one of the Gtk.Gio.GSocketListener.T "add" methods.

max_threads the maximal number of threads to execute concurrently handling incoming clients, -1 means no limit
Returns a new Gtk.Gio.GSocketService.T.


:Priv(self @ T) : Std.Object.T

:setPriv(self @ T, value @ Std.Object.T) : Std.Object.T