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WindowGetEmbedder(window @ Gtk.Gdk.Window.T) : Gtk.Gdk.Window.T

Gets the window that window is embedded in.

window a Gtk.Gdk.Window.T
Returns the embedding Gtk.Gdk.Window.T, or NULL if window is not an embedded offscreen window

WindowGetPixmap(window @ Gtk.Gdk.Window.T) : Gtk.Gdk.Pixmap.T

Gets the offscreen pixmap that an offscreen window renders into. If you need to keep this around over window resizes, you need to add a reference to it.

window a Gtk.Gdk.Window.T
Returns The offscreen pixmap, or NULL if not offscreen

WindowSetEmbedder(window @ Gtk.Gdk.Window.T, embedder @ Gtk.Gdk.Window.T) : Std.Object.T

Sets window to be embedded in embedder.

To fully embed an offscreen window, in addition to calling this function, it is also necessary to handle the "pick-embedded-child" signal on the embedder and the "to-embedder" and "from-embedder" signals on window.

window a Gtk.Gdk.Window.T
embedder the Gtk.Gdk.Window.T that window gets embedded in